Malli Raava

Malli Raava

Malli Raava [2017]

Direction : Gowtam Tinnanuri

Music : Shravan Bharadwaj

“Malli Raava is a subtle love story which has some beautiful moments throughout. The biggest asset of the film is that it is quite simple and realistic. Impressive performances by the lead pair and interesting screenplay are basic assets. 

The story of the film showcases the lives of Karthik and Anjali during the time zones of 1999, 2012 and 2017. Whenever they get close to eachother some problem or the other keeps creeping up between them.well, the rest of the story is all about these problems and how do they solved the problems. Credit goes to Gowtam Tinnanuri, who narrated the film in a very interesting manner. Sumanth gives his best performance and the way he carried his role and showcased his emotions in a subtle manner is worth appreciation. Aakansha singh also done a great job. She has done well in her complex role. Abhinav Gomatam  is very well with his character. And all the supporting actors done their roles well. Especially the parents roles done by Appaji Ambarisha and Anitha Nadh. 

The movie takes its own sweetest time to unleash its proceedings. Even though the film’s duration is short, in some areas one may feel quite slow. But the music by Shravan Bharadwaj overshadow the small slowness of the film. Camerawork is also good as the difference in the time zones has been showcased effectively. On the whole, a feel good movie with emotions, a watchable movie.”

Our Rating : 7.8⭐️


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