Mathu Vadalara

Mathu Vadalara

Mathu Vadalara [2019]

Direction : Ritesh Rana

Music : Kaala Bhairava

“Mathu Vadalara is a film that will leave you satisfied. Right from the first shot, the film sticks to the story without meandering. The director deserves appreciation for picking such a story for his debut and dealing with it like a pro.

Coming to the story, Babu and Yesu struggle to even pay their house rent with the money they make. But their plan to make more money lands Babu in trouble, bringing in Abhi to lend a helping hand. There’s a heinous crime committed elsewhere, and the way Ritesh connects these dots shows how well he worked on the script. By the end of the first half, one refreshingly is left curious about the second-half of the film. Second-half of the film makes you more thrilled.

Sri Sinha, Naresh and Sathya as the lead characters, they give a steady performance. And the bgm by Kaala Bhairava is interesting and the cinematography is up to standards. On the whole, Mathu Vadalara is definetely a worthy watch, it won’t waste your time and energy.”

Our Rating :8.2


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