Trance [2020]

Direction : Anwar Rasheed

Music : Jackson Vijayan

“At a time when religion is the new drug, Trance is sure to strike a chord with those blinded by faith, the freethinkers and sceptics. The film, is about a fake pastor, who is just a front for the business operations of coropates to mint money using faith as the driving force. 

Coming to the story, Viju Prasad (Fahadh Faasil), a motivational trainer runs from post to pillar to make his life work, amid also taking care of his younger brother. However, things take a dire turn and he is forced to move to Mumbai to get a new start. And he gets an offer from two affluent men to join them as a pastor of sorts. They used faith as the front to mint money. After a crash course in theology, Viju takes on the identity of Pastor Joshua Carlton and his magnetic persona along with the orchestrated acts of miracles, fuels the curated brand image of a Messiah. But a stunt on live TV brings the entire operations under the scanner and the rest of the movie follows its impact on Joshua, his bosses and his followers.

Fahadh’s maniacal energy drives the film forward. Gautham menon, Dileesh Pothan, Soubin Shahir, Chemban Vinod are the other chief characters who brings the needed heft to balance Fahadh’s performance. Nazriya’s role is unlike anything she has done before.

Director Anwar Rasheed gets the first half absolutely right in its pacing and content. However, the second half of the script loses its steam. One may feel lagging. Amal Neerad’s cinematography is biggest asset of the movie. And bgm by Sushin Shyam is quite good. On the whole, a must watch. “


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